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  1. When I will make my next map I can stream it on Discord so you can see what I am doing if you want
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    ZUNII's Join Request Introduction My Name is Maik and I am 18 years old. I was born in "Siegburg". I moved to Neuwied when I was like 9 (I don't really remember). I visited and finished the secondary school in "Rheinbrohl". After that I went to the Highschool "Ludwig-Erhard Schule - Neuwied" where I am learning the IT (Java, Databases, C# and PHP). When I was 12 I started doing Kung-Fu and Kickboxing as a hobby but aborted it because I lost interest. I also thought about trying it again but now only focusing on Kickboxing. After some years after that I joined a Go-Kart club where I was driving for a half of a year. Your MTA history Back in 2011, where I got my first PC my brother gave me a cracked version of GTA:SA. I started playing the campaign over and over again everytime with different strategies but in 2012 my brother showed me some mods like changing your vehicles or textures and at the same time he showed me MTA. I didn't even know there was a multiplayer for such an "old" game. So I installed MTA and hopped on some servers. The first server I visited was TG. I joined DM because I thought it meant Deathmatch like in CoD. I saw dudes driving on loopings, doing stunts etc. I thought it was kinda cool so I tried to play but unfortunately I was too bad (who thought it). So I joined Oldschool because it sounded easier. But even for that I was too bad so I decided to download some maps and create my own local server with some scripts and just train and get better before I join a DM server again. After some time I joined FFS and played Freeroam and Shooter with a guy called ER|G0LD back then I think. I got better and better. Joining training servers like XpR,TFF, AEG to improve myself. On 2013-2014 (I don't know it excactly) I found DDC Blue. It was like the perfect server for me and my skill. But unfortunately short time after I got joy on DDC they merged every DDC server into one BIG, well then I played on Lemon and tried to play Lilac. I got my first tops and it felt great. This is why I still play MTA; Getting tops and improve every single time I play. In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? I only play on the DDC Server because I love the community and the simple design. But the main reason why I play on DDC is that I can show invisible objects and obviously because I am admin there How are you any different from other applicants? How can you help DoA grow? Well I think I am a mature and skilled player (more in OS than DM because I know more maps there). I am fast learning which means if you telling me something how to cut something fast and better like the keys I have to press or which position and when or just for HDM. I can help DoA grow by inviting other players to join DoA. I know alot players on DDC who are now clanless because the clan I was in closed and they are not bad ;) What makes you think DoA is any different than other clans? Why do you want to join us? I see some of you guys on DDC and some of you having Top Times especially ygtz. I know that you are a very hard working clan and I want to be a part of that. One reason is because I really want to play CWs. When I was in Xr I only played one CW in my life and it was fun. Yeah, the reason why I want to join you is participating in CWs and winning them. Do you have any achievements? For example, clanwars won, MVPs, won tournaments, etc. Well, like I said in the point before I only played one CW in my life where I was MVP too. I also played every Lemon Daily before on DDC (OS WFF Tournament) where I was almost every time Top 5. On TNT (DM WFF Tournament) I was not as good like in OS but still not that bad. What do you expect from us? The only thing I expect from you is doing alot of CWs and winning them ;D Discord ID ! someone nice ツ#7777 edit: removed "Top Title"
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