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  2. Introduction My name is Alp in-game known as NexT . I'm 18 years old and live in Turkey/Sivas Your MTA history Simply I started to play MTA in 2013, I was playing in a roleplay servers then I didn't play MTA for a long time and by chance I found FFS gaming in 2015. At first I've played Hot Pursuit DM OS etc. I started playing shooter with my friends in 2017. I liked it and kept playing. I had to be inactive for 1 year because of some problems in my life. I had a long time to improve myself when I came back. As a result, I have been playing shooters regularly for 2 years Official Knights of Red Night Unofficial zNation! - Physion's-Rave-Cave - Chaos™ (Currently) In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? FFS GAMING Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? unfortunately I don't have unique skills so what can I say.. but I have experience in Clan Wars as I said, I was inactive and I didn't get a chance to play in tournaments. What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? I actually thought about this a lot. I was looking clan that I could stay with for a long time and I decided that DOA is the most suitable clan for me. I saw that there were loyal , quality players and cool atmosphere but I always say friendship is more important than game so the important thing is making good friends and spend a good time together. Same way helping them in Clan Wars Any additional information you want to add I like social activities to give an example spend time with my friends, playing video games and in my free times doing box and archery Discord ID NexTVl#0665 Best Regards, NexT
  3. Hey, Lukas Yeah, i think i've improved this past months and i know what to say or not to say in public chat and when to stop something that is not good for others, my intention in that moment wasnt to offend and i didnt know it was going to scale that high but yes, i think i can handle new oportunities.
  4. Hey Aliomar, Thanks for applying once again. I got a question though, do you think you've improved your behaviour in those 2 past months you were given? Asking because that was the main reason you were declined last time. My apologies, but I'm partly inactive, thence can't judge much about what's happening recently. Cheers!
  5. Introduction My nickname is Aliomar, I am 21 years old and I live in Puerto Ordaz – Venezuela. love to hear songs in my spare time. Most of the times I am listening to hardstyle and electronic songs. My hobbies are play games, go out with my friends (rarely) and talk with my girlfriend.( and fuck pc's) Your MTA history My MTA career started back in 2010-11 like most of the people in here in a freeroam server, looking in server list i saw a server called DDC Blue which i loved so much that gamemode called '' Race '' there i met so much people that are not playing anymore i made several friends and funny memories that i still remember as a good times, I joined various clan in there like PRG, TWS or TSW i do not remember at all, the first serious clan i ever joined was Latin's Xtreme Gamers i spend 1 year or so i learn to play properly there, i played so many clan wars in there i got better day by day but i wanted to become a better player so i decided to find a new way so in 2013 i become part of Xtreme Pro Racers this perfectly managed team and become even more better perfoming my skills months passed and then i leaved MTA for a while to play another games and I got kicked due to inactivity, i came back in the middle of 2015 searching for servers i saw that WTF clan was re-opened so i spend my time there i tried my luck and got accepted sadly after few months clan closed and then i started to play on my old community DDC once again, therefore i perfomed my WFF skills, i joined various clans in there like FBi, MT so we decided to close due to we were so inactive back then, I've been playing for DDC in L7 tournament to be honest I had no much time for such tournaments because of my School and life things thats why i could not show anything after i tried my luck in the glorious DDC clan i spend there 5 months, i've been without clan since then Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones? LxG, XpR, PRG, WTF, TSW, FBi, MT, DDC In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? DDC and foxx sometimes Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? well actually im studying engineering in system so im learning how to code:) I am well organized i consider myself as a mature and responsible person, my skills are pretty decent so i can help in everything that is at my reach What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? I think that DoA is a very stable clan. DoA members are very friendly and helpful. I have friends in DoA, but I also want to find new ones there. I really like that in DoA all members are working hard. Personally, I would like to complete the current DoA Squad with my presence and help in upcoming tournaments and clan wars. Members inside the clan are really nice people, trying to help as good as they can and I really like to support them as much as I can. I want to find new friends on it and have fun chatting with all of them, players are awesome, friendly i want to keep and become part of this clan. Discord ID Aliomar#9328 Any additional information you want to add That’s all for now. Take in consideration the JR , wanted to make as brief as you’d understand it well. If you got any doubt of something, don’t be shy and ask whatever you want! I’ll be answering all of them. Your Faithfully Aliomar
  6. Introduction Hello, my name is Sertan IN-GAME Nox, Im 19 years old, I was born in Bulgaria but Im living currently Turkey/Istanbul. Your MTA history First of all, I started to play MTA in 2013, played my first DayZ server At that time the MTA was not fully developed, but my first online game was the MTA. At that time I was playing on a publisher's server, actually I have to thank this server because it made me a friend in social life, but every time I play on the same server I was very bored. I looked for a new server and I could not find it. but one day an old friend of mine saw a server called FFS Gaming and I tried one day and i loved the and im still playing FFS Gaming, I have been playing FFS Gaming, since 2016, and I dare say this was the period which changed a lot of things in my activity. At the same time, I had to find an arena where I can reach the best and this is called Shooter. If I recollect it was really complicated to fit in here because I was a new player, but luckily some players helped and supported me for which I am very grateful. After playing Shooter more than 2 years I realised I can play other gamemodes as well, especially DM,OS. These times are unforgettable for me because I made a lot of new friends and obtained a lot of experiences and tips too and I became more popular here. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones? Official 3literacers - Raven's Gaming - Vigour Gaming Unofficial zNation! - Royal Family - Physion's-Rave-Cave - Fucking_Xtreme - Code "Sierra" - Chaos™(Current) In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? FFS Gaming - 3literacers Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? WSF 2 - The Grand Final What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? A lot of my friends part of this clan and I want to make new friends in DoA and I want to be closer with them and I want to have good times with them. Btw not only my friends, this clan has many good players that is why Im thinking this clan will be good to me. Any additional information you want to add Actually I don't like to talk about myself but I'd like to write something related to it.I have a multiple hobbies such as playing football, spend time with my pc games and my friends. Once and for all I like to read the book of the movies which I enjoy. Discord ID Nox#8825
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  8. Hello. Thank you for making the join request and for showing interest in joining our clan in general. The voting poll for your jr consisted of mainly neutral votes. That means most of our members do not know you good enough. Based on that fact alone, this join request is declined. If you are still interested in applying, you may do so in a month. Though, I advise you to try talking and interacting with our members if you think of re-applying.
  9. Hey, Thanks for applying to join our clan. The join request is the first part of getting to know you if you want to join the clan and that's why it should be presented as best as it possibly can. However, your join request lacks the English grammar that is necessary and it lacks the information needed in the join request itself. That's why this join request is declined. If you are still interested in joining us, you are free to try in a month.
  10. I'm having weird thoughts.... How is this possible?

  11. Hi me

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      Nice to see you here, Aerox. I hope you like our forum. 🥰

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  12. Introduction Introduction My name and kauan I am 15 years old I live in the state of Brazil São Paulo I. Your MTA history started at MTAI started playing roleplay in 2015 iand on the server Your MTA history of ffs games in 2016, I started playing just to play with my friends, I didn't know how to play well, 2017 already knew how to play more, the maps were always the last, in 2018 I started to get some tops in the classic I got better, 2019 I started to removing many tops in the classic and it was good, 2020 I am fighting a lot now I'playing a lot of HDM a lot of time 2 weeks. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones? Mercenarys Racers (I left the mercenary clan for shit with a member) core i9 (I left the clan because they expelled) Demons In Heavens (a very good clan comes out of it) UnderGround (a very good clan comes out of it to help another clan ~ Expertz ~ (clan was good but started to recruit many new players then I left) xtreme cuteen (the clan I'm currently good at). In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? Force out Xtreme Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other : would you evaluate your skills there? DM OS (7/10) DM CLASSIC (8/10 WFF OS (5/10) HDM (5/10) Hunter (8/10). What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? Why do you want to join the clan (because there are so many good players, a very respected clan and I really wanted to join and have the best time with the brand. Discord ID:kauan!!!#4793
  13. Hopefully you'll be a good addition to the shooter squad and as a community member. Accepted!
  14. I did , I would appreciate it if you review it again. Thank you..
  15. Making a new request is not needed, you can edit the current one.
  16. Thank you for considering my first request to join. I will review and submit again. Should I make a new join request?
  17. Hey, Thanks for having interest in joining our clan again. However, you presented very little information in your join request. We ask you to put more effort into it, otherwise it will be declined in 3 days.
  18. Hey again @RevyaM!, After my request, Your join request is still not considerably good enough - a lot of illogical and poorly written information is still present. The join request doesn't meet our basic requirements. Therefore, it is declined. Feel free to make another request again in 2 months, if still interested.
  19. H4TTY

    H4TTY's Join Request

    yeah sure i can tell you why First i left 3R Because most of the members were inactive and the clan was about to die, so I decided to left and search for another clan second i left pX Because they were about to close the clan, so we all went out together
  20. Introduction -I'm Emirhan, my in game nickname is Raider and 18. I living in Muğla/Turkey. I finished high school this year and I'm going to university. I took the exam as soon as I finished high school. I passed my exam well and I qualified to be a math teacher, my dream job.:) (the education system here is different). As for my hobbies; I like playing computer games and I like playing football. When I was very young, I used to play street football with my friends. That's why my love for football goes back a long way. I was on the school football team in high school and raised 2 cups in the inter-school tournament. Now I'm going to college, I don't know how many cup I will hold there :D. I also have a girlfriend that I love more than anything else... Thank you for listening Emirhan Your MTA history -I was playing samp at first. Then i did see a video on youtube about MTA and that video took attention of me then i have started to play MTA. The first server i started to play was FFS. Sometimes i was playing Twisted Gaming (TG) but i realized that server is not fun as much as FFS. Then i went to FFS again. I took a long break in the aftermath. When I came back I started playing ffs but realized I couldn't have fun and started playing with my friends on the NFS:SA server. After playing for a long time, i went to back to the FFS Gaming server about 2 months ago. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? ıf so, which ones? A few small clans whose names I can't remember Elusive-speed (-ES-) - Member - [kicked,I was kicked out for taking a break] Absolute-speed ([As]) - Member - [left,clan went inactive] ONE Esports ( 1E | ) - Member - [ left. ] Demons in Heaven! ( DiN| ) - Member - [ i'm here now.] In which DM:Race servers do you play usually play? I was spending most of my time on the FFS Gaming and NFS:SA server. However, it cannot be said that I entered the NFS: SA server recently. So I can say that the only server I play on is FFS Gaming. Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? -Unfortunately no for design programming. But i usually play DM OS and think I am improving myself. At the same time, my active time is quite long compared to others. What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? -I want to join a real clan and improve myself with them. and of course a few of my friends were in doa one feature of nature that really distinguishes it from most other clans is that it is not ego and that is the most important thing for me. That's why DoA, not other clans. Any additional information you want to add -I don't know what else i can write here. I just hope you'll take my join request into consideration. Discord ID, Ra!der^#7855
  21. Hey, @H4TTY Thanks for your interest in joining us. I got a question, though. 3R and pX are/were official clans from what I know, as they both organize official clanwars up to this day. You were part of 3R when our shooter squad participated in L7 Shooter and played vs 3R. Can you tell us your reasoning why you left these two clans? Cheers
  22. Kinda want to smash @Canky in his face, but he is a good friend of mine. What should I do?

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  23. Here we go again! 1. I have gone bald twice, because I didn't like the hairstyles I've been having back then. 2. I don't like eating fish. 3. I like flirting.
  24. i cant be bothered to explain, but yea, you're right
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