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    • Hi there, If you're interested in joining our clan, we no longer use the join request format. What you can do is contact a just about any member, and simply ask to join. In some rare cases, we may almost immediately accept (if you're talking to @Wolfer or @LudiSincba or someone of Manager level). However, in most cases, here's how the process goes.. Talk to someone you know (or are friends with) in DoA. The person who can give the best word for you. If there isn't anyone, you can contact a leader to make a poll for you. We may ask some questions to get some info from you. Or we may ask nothing at all. It just depends on how well we know you. From that point, it'll be left up to clan members to vote. If enough vouch for you, your invite gets sent out by me. This process can run for a minimum of 3 days, or a maximum of 7 days. However, leaders and managers can make 24 hour polls. Invites don't expire, but they can be reversed in rare cases - As members can change their minds until the invite is accepted. If a majority that voted yes change their minds, leadership can cancel an invite. The member that made the poll also has the right to cancel the invite for any reason whatsoever. - With all the above in mind, feel free to reach out if you're interested. Best of luck!
    • Players: SpartaN vs Danx Referee: Wolfer / WinD Server: Elite Players - Event/Training Server Type of match: WFF (Knockouts Stage / Finals) Time: 24.03.2023 19:00 CET Maps: 1. Haxzor ft. Paul - Focus (SpartaN) 1-0 2. Kanarya ft. M3.E46.GTR - Ineffable (Danx) 1-1 3. Alpacino ft xizors ft deadline - More (Danx) 1-2 4. .:.Ericsson108.:. - .:.Blue Line.:. (Danx) 1-3 5. Wolfer ft. SmoK - Jolt (SpartaN) 2-3 6. HTC v2 - Dubstep Island (Danx) 2-4 7. Haxzor ft. Paul - Focus (Danx) 2-5 8. Kanarya ft. M3.E46.GTR - Ineffable (Danx) 2-6 9. Alpacino ft xizors ft deadline - More (SpartaN) 3-6 10. .:.Ericsson108.:. - .:.Blue Line.:. (Danx) 3-7 11. Wolfer ft. SmoK - Jolt (Danx) 3-8 12. HTC v2 - Dubstep Island (Danx) 3-9 Final Score: 9-3 for Danx Note: Special thanks to WinD for setting maps for me. My phone kept crashing, so I couldn't pull up the list. Also, no recording again. Sorry. I probably won't be recording any more matches myself after what happened last time.
    • Players: SpartaN vs Wolfer Referee: RadheN Server: Elite Players Event/Training Server Type of match: WFF (Knockouts Stage / Semifinals) Time: 18.03.2023 17:00 CET Maps: 1. Alpacino ft xizors ft deadline - More (Wolfer) 0-1 2. Kanarya ft. M3.E46.GTR - Ineffable (SpartaN) 1-1 3. SIISTI-C V1 - BLOW (Wolfer) 1-2 4. Orange Sensation by Slicex (SpartaN) 2-2 5. SupRime - v35 - Y all motherfuckers know who this is (SpartaN) 3-2 6. Roald ft. WhiTe - Loyalty (Wolfer) 3-3 7. Alpacino ft xizors ft deadline - More (Wolfer) 3-4 8. Kanarya ft. M3.E46.GTR - Ineffable (Wolfer) 3-5 9. SIISTI-C V1 - BLOW (Wolfer) 3-6 10. Orange Sensation by Slicex (SpartaN) 4-6 11. SupRime - v35 - Y all motherfuckers know who this is (SpartaN) 5-6 12. Roald ft. WhiTe - Loyalty (SpartaN) 6-6 OT. 13. SupRime - v35 - Y all motherfuckers know who this is (SpartaN) 7-6 14. Kanarya ft. M3.E46.GTR - Ineffable (SpartaN) 8-6 Final Score: 8-6 for SpartaN Note: Unfortunately, we do not have a recording for this match. Thanks to @RadheN for being a referee for this match. Due to ScYz8r's forfeit in the semifinals, Wolfer claims 3rd place.
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