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  1. Hey Utku, thanks for applying to us. Props for a decent join request. However, you did not pass the voting poll - communication is one of the aspects we value a lot and that's where we had concerns about you. Therefore, I'm declining your join request. You are free to re-apply after a month or whenever join requests will be open again.
  2. Hey Trend, Thanks for applying to our clan! I remember you from old TG times, you were playing DD most of the time and sometimes OS along with us. Glad to see familiar faces applying here. We are primarily considered as a DM/OS team at the moment and we almost never had any presence in DD scene. Meanwhile you are a rather known DD player. The answer to my incoming question might be obvious, but I'll ask anyway. What are your exact intentions in joining here? Cheers.
  3. Hey there, Thanks for having interest in joining us. I'm a bit concerned about your utility towards the clan, particularly in clanwars. As you may know we're stacked with WFF OS players, so chances of your contribution in this aspect would probably be really small, though, I'm not entirely sure. However, we seek to expand ourselves in WFF DM, as well. I was wondering how do you value yourself in WFF DM instead? Do you think you could contribute in this aspect, too? Cheers.
  4. Hey, Thanks for making a join request for us again. I have a question, though. Can you provide the reasons you left xRz and nsp in detail? Cheers.
  5. Type: Oldschool (WFF based) Date: 15.11.2020. Time: 18:30 CET Server: DoA Events Server Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Referee(-s): TBA Streamer: TBA Euphoria /E Players: Krazy Antar Swidrox Revolcee Sperkz Reserves: everyone from the clan Death on Approach .:DoA:. Players: IceBerg MonSTeR gamer Knif3 B4ND1T Reserves: everyone from the clan Maps: 1. Yamaha ft. Impzy - Piss on the pyramid 2. Revolcee ft. sedhardy - Mystical Drive 3. Gteatero + Invisibles = Mindfuck 4. Skype - The Riddle 5. GteaterOS - Cosmic Assault 6. Orange Sensation by Slicex 7. StuntPool ft. Danx ft. LoooooP - UhaH II 8. TulioTC - Insomnia Club 9. PAwlo ft. Blackstar - Speed for Skills 10. Martyz ft. NitroN - Speedmania III Rules: Do not spam, insult or provoke another participant for any reason. If anyone is caught cheating/hacking in any way, he will be disqualified. Mods that affect gameplay are prohibited. If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map. If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further. In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be blown up. Skipping vehiclechange pickups IS NOT allowed. Skipping nitro/repair pickups IS allowed. Doing roof parts as forward IS allowed. Driving backward parts forward IS allowed. Pressing the nos late IS allowed. There are NO hunter fights, the first players to reach the hunter get the points. If no one reaches the hunter, the players who went the furthest get the point. WFF/L7 Point system will be used [3-2-1-1 system]. Second offense to the rules will result in disqualification.
  6. Hey Aliomar, Thanks for applying once again. I got a question though, do you think you've improved your behaviour in those 2 past months you were given? Asking because that was the main reason you were declined last time. My apologies, but I'm partly inactive, thence can't judge much about what's happening recently. Cheers!
  7. Hopefully you'll be a good addition to the shooter squad and as a community member. Accepted!
  8. Making a new request is not needed, you can edit the current one.
  9. Hey, Thanks for having interest in joining our clan again. However, you presented very little information in your join request. We ask you to put more effort into it, otherwise it will be declined in 3 days.
  10. Hey again @RevyaM!, After my request, Your join request is still not considerably good enough - a lot of illogical and poorly written information is still present. The join request doesn't meet our basic requirements. Therefore, it is declined. Feel free to make another request again in 2 months, if still interested.
  11. Hey, @H4TTY Thanks for your interest in joining us. I got a question, though. 3R and pX are/were official clans from what I know, as they both organize official clanwars up to this day. You were part of 3R when our shooter squad participated in L7 Shooter and played vs 3R. Can you tell us your reasoning why you left these two clans? Cheers
  12. Hey, Thanks for having interest in joining our clan again. However, you presented very little information in your join request. We ask you to put more effort into it, otherwise it will be declined in 3 days.
  13. The clanwar has concluded with the score of 11 - 9 for Death on Approach. Can't tell this was the best event to witness due to drama caused by a certain individual in the middle of the clanwar. I want to apologize for whatever happened during and after the clanwar ended. We thank Raven's Gaming for arranging this clanwar and good luck in the future! Map name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Tobster - Kamikaze NL#R (2) DoAEmilly (1) DoADonat1k (1) iProShoOT#R (1) Tobster - The Castle DoADonat1k (2) NatsuR (1) doayaco (1) Tobster - Kamikaze doayaco (2) NL#R (1) NatsuR (1) DoADonat1k (1) Tobster - Kamikaze NL#R (3) DoAEmilly (1) doayaco (1) PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 doayaco (1) NL#R (1) iProShoOT#R (1) NatsuR (1) Tobster - The Castle doayaco (2) NL#R (1) DoAEmilly (1) PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 doayaco (1) DoAEmilly (1) iProShoOT#R (1) NatsuR (1) PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 doayaco (1) Tobster - Kamikaze doayaco (1) DoADonat1k (1) DoAEmilly (1) NL#R (1) Tobster - The Castle NatsuR (3) DoADonat1k (1) Tobster - Kamikaze DoADonat1k (2) doayaco (1) Tobster - Kamikaze NatsuR (1) DoAEmilly (1) iPrOShoOT#R (1) NL#R (1) Tobster - The Castle DoADonat1k (1) iPrOShoOT#R (1) NL#R (1) NatsuR (1) Tobster - Kamikaze iPrOShoOT#R (3) NL#R (2) DoAEmilly (1) NatsuR (1) Tobster - Kamikaze doayaco (1) DoAEmilly (1) iPrOShoOT#R (1) PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 DoADonat1k (1) doayaco (1) DoAEmilly (1) Tobster - The Castle DoAEmilly (2) doayaco (1) NL#R (1) PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 NatsuR (2) doayaco (2) iPrOShoOT#R (1) Tobster - Kamikaze DoADonat1k (2) NatsuR (1) DoAEmilly (1) Tobster - The Castle iPrOShoOT#R (2) NatsuR (1) Tobster - Kamikaze doayaco (2) NatsuR (1) DoADonat1k (1) 21 doayaco 16 NatsuR 13 NL#R 12 DoADonat1k 11 DoAEmilly 11 iProShoOT#R MVP: YaCo Referee: Flame
  14. Your Clan name: Raven's Gaming Your Clan tag: R# Clanwar Gamemode: Shooter Date & time: 10.08.2020 21:00 CEST Where would it be held?: FFS Gaming Lucky 7 Server Players: 3v3 Players: .:DoA:. players: - Emilly - YaCo - Donat1k Reserves: Everyone from the clan. R# players: - Natsu - Noovl - iProShooT Reserves: Everyone from the clan. Maps: .:DoA:. maps: - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - Kamikaze - PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 - PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2 - Tobster - The Castle R# maps: - Tobster - The Castle - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - The Castle - Tobster - Kamikaze - Tobster - Kamikaze General Rules: - If you are the one requesting to play a clanwar, you agree to play in OUR server, unless indicated otherwise by our clanwar manager; - Both teams are able to choose a referee; - Everyone from each clan is able to participate; - Players who joined the clans after the day the CW Request was accepted are not allowed to play; - If someone times out before the round started, we restart the round; - If someone times out while the map is running (<10 seconds), we continue playing; - Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute or a ban; - The minimum FPS of a player is 45; - Mods that affect gameplay are prohibited; - Leaders, CW Managers and Referees are the only ones who are allowed to talk in the main chat; - Teams can't cancel the CW one day before the match. Shooter Rules: - Each map lasts for 3 minutes; - Picked maps must be played with Infernus only; - Ping above your country's average limit is not allowed; - Ground kills in Aerial kill clanwars are allowed. - In case of the map time running out before one team dies, we redo the map; - In case of a tie (ie. 10-10), we play one more map picked by each team; - In case of camping, participant will be blown up and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him; - If a player times out before the map starts, his team has the option to replace him or wait for a maximum of 5 minutes; - If a player times out while the map is running (while being alive), we play further; - Ping: maximum of 350.
  15. Accepted Welcome aboard!
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