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    • Thanks for taking your time and creating an application for Death on Approach i have couple of questions that i would like to see answered. 1. Your MTA history is a bit short i would like to know things like "what clans u joined and when , who did u meet there,  who told you about this game etc...)  2. Why did u leave all of those clans state the reasons any arguments, any fights, btw if i didn't warn u about this, this application would be declined in 14 days since 1 month would passed... the primary concern about you is leaving all of those "Great" clans if u left them what makes u say u will stay here? we are looking for loyal and faithful players that will stay in DoA till REAL retirement... coming into DoA to see "what's up" is not going to happen  3. Why do u think having "friends" in DoA would make this application easier to get accepted? if u have friends u can come into voice chat and talk with them while playing MTA/games. 4.  What are u expecting at Death on Approach? (what are you're expectations in DoA that u CANT achieve in other clans?)  5. How would u help DoA evolve to be better in future than it is now? (cw's don't mean anything if clan doesn't have members.....) 6. Would u "evolve" as a human being or are u seeking clan to play and leave and find another one?     
    • Thanks for taking your time and creating an application for Death on Approach i have couple of questions that i would like to see answered. 1. Who told you about DoA in first place ?   2. What do u see in DoA that u don't see in other clans? 3. Leaving iW - afk is that = Inactive from MTA?, also why did u leave NSP what happened there so u left ? 4. Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? = Why would we pick YOU instead of your bestfriend/friend.  5. "is a clan with great, humble and very active players. There is a time that I see you play" there is 26 members and half of them active other half is inactive because of their real life situations the people in DoA are exactly what u said. BUT we wish to keep recruiting these kind of people and of course with loyalty i suggest u try COMMUNICATING more with DoA members that could help u and give u chances in order to join   6. How could you be useful for us? (don't mention clan wars or anything regarding that.), in aspect of building for future of DoA  7. What can u tell me about Skilled Gaming and why it got closed.
    • Thanks for taking your time and creating an application for Death on Approach i have couple of questions that i would like to see answered. 1. What are u expecting at Death on Approach ? 2. "What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans?"  "DoA is a very powerful clan and I want to be a part of this power, to make it stronger. Also a very friendly clan. I have friends from DoA." In what aspect is DoA very powerful clan ? (dm/os/sh/ptp/dd/?) i don't think so that DoA is very powerful clan, there are more "powerful" clans than us but we just train maps and pass them = Victory, being part of this "power" and making it stronger isn't way trough application but throughout COMMUNICATION with DoA members and getting to maybe know your future team-mate  3. Are u playing for 5 years or 3 years? (i did background it doesn't mean anything but we wish to have truthful  members by our side... 4. With the information i have in front of my self i really can't imagine what type of player u are, u wrote short join request u did the same thing as Sitex when u declined him for your sub-clan as i said i advise you to communicate more with DoA memebers if u wish to rise your chances of joining us for additional information u can find me on DoA discord.   
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