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  1. Nickname: DoAKeselowski Gamemode: WFF Serial: B7DEE7B2BA97A577C38E646417480A12 Time Slot Choice: Sunday 10 May [14:00 GMT-5] Do you have your map choice? Do you have a way to get it? - [DM] AbodyRulez ft. WW - Dark Glare II I pass it to you for discord EDIT: Request is over a year old, so this one is cancelled.
  2. Wow! nice join request, even better than mine. Good luck! :-X
  3. Introduction Hey there, my name in game is Keselowski, Im 21 years old and Im from Colombia. Guys ... I am very happy to see you, to refresh your memory (I know it is not necessary) I was a player in one of the best servers that MTA had. I would love to share a summary of what has happened throughout my life since the last time... I kept playing MTA for a couple of years since NeO closed, but ... I got bored and decided to start another game "League of Legends" and I still play it. but I wanted to go back to the old game and I find that my former teammates try to form a team, I see that many are still in contact and I want to congratulate you for that, also apologize for not communicating with you. Your MTA History My MTA career has started since 2009-10 in a server called Team-NeO, this server was the best time I had as a childhood, I was 12 years old, and Wolf will tell you how stubborn I was Even when I applied to join the team, I was rejected for my behavior (I don't remember if they were 2 or 1) this server had OS, DD and Race maps, banning shotcuts or minicuts, strict administrators and an interesting communityand in short, I played there until it closed. After that, I started playing in FFS, TG, LxG and xS. It was when I started to try the new school, I didn't have much history in any, no problems, until I stopped playing MTA. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which clans? NeO_ Team-NeO [Closed] LxG// Latins Xtreme Gamers [Closed] MEMBER. ~xS// xTreme Skillers [Left, Re-Join and Closed] CO-LEADER. I left voluntarily, because I was going to be idle for a while, when I returned, I resumed work. How are you any different from other applicants? How can you help DoA grow? I am just one more friend, my contribution to this community is that you can count on me for what you need, I can still play and I have 10 years of experience, I am at your service. What makes you think DoA is any different than other clans? Why do you want to join us? Any server always has something different from another, positive things and negative things. But I want to enter this community because I feel brotherhood, I feel loved here because I know there are people who have seen me or even met me and know that my intentions will always be good. Discord ID Qaisar.#4824 Thanks for read, Regards.
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