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KnsN ' s Join Request


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My nick is prN , My name is kamil, I am 20years old and I  from poland . and I am  bmx freestyler

Your MTA Highlights
I started playing mta in 2013 on an rpg server and sat there for a long time in 2014 I started playing dm os and hunters , went to the truck server with my friends and also spent a year and joined on FFS Gaming in 2015 and played until 2018 sometime at the end of 2018 I had health problems that I had I would not like to talk about it, after 2 years off I went back to FFS gaming and still play I've been playing for about 8 years on FFS Gaming, Now I play on brotherhood and I'm a moderator , and now I'm back to ffs permanently and in 2022 I started playing dm modern because I got bored with os and Right Now   I'm back in os mode

Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones?

Fucking Xtreme  (current)

Ready To Die (leave)

Bonk Squad (leave)


The Panic Crew (leave)

3Lite Racers (leave)

Infinity - 8i (leave)

Do you have any special skills excluding MTA skills? If so, please specify.

I don't have any special skills but I've been playing ffs for almost 8 years and I know every map on os and now I'm just learning modern maps because I have skills

In which DM:Race servers do you usually play?


What motivated you to apply for DoA?

I want to become a better player and I would like to improve myself  DM OS game modes and I would also like to make new friends

Additional information
Thanks for your time and I think there will be a positive response


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Okay, so I think I've waited long enough for this.

Here's the thing. There are actually 3 stages to our application process.

  • 1) Enough members need to lock in when they are ready to vote (so we can start an active enough poll for the process).
  • 2) Once enough members lock in, we start the poll process.
  • 3) Once that poll finishes (which we usually wrap up when the members that locked in finish voting), recruiters verify the results. We also decide whether a result should be overturned or not.

Your application never passed stage 1. Seems that nobody locked in bc nobody knows you. I think some of them wanted to give you a chance last time simply bc they had heard a good word or 2 from others. I guess those few may have changed their minds on that one.

Therefore, I'm declining this join request. I'm not going to place any sort of restriction on when you can post another join request. However, I do recommend waiting until some of our members know you. If enough members know you, that first stage should be passed really quick (some within hours to a few days).

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