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Venom Join Request


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(In-game name, age, location, and anything else you feel comfortable sharing with us)

*My name is Venom , I'm 17 years young , Philippines (Mindanao) , I'm graduated in IT Programming and I love playing MTA: SA in (Deathmatch)


Your MTA history:

*My MTA history is just Deathmatch (OS / WFF) and just Hunter Arena as I always play games and show my abilities.


Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which clans?

(Please include reasons why you left or were kicked)

*ISP| (Insane-SKills-Player) kicked

*~aXy~ (Acers Xtreme Yondez) left

* OG. (Original Gangster) left

*F1' (044GandusF1) Left

*A// ( Almighty Cartel ) Left


How are you any different from other applicants? How can you help DoA grow?

*The difference between me is that I'm a great person or I have learned what they do not know or have my skills over them, and how can I grow this clan to be my help or to show what the DOA has done the MTA to boast their Clan or their Achievements and others


What makes you think DoA is any different than other clans?

*I think that because they are different from other clan here are many people who are especially good at Jake, IceBerg and Lukas, other DoA because of the NAB Team and Xtreme Racers zCool so I have long idol, and then here in DoA more Achievements than others and it's famous, I'd like to experience this Clan so I want to join.


Discord ID: Its Venom#3132


Any additional information you want to add

(optional): I'm not kid and I want to show you my gaming skills especially at Deatchmatch Keep Calm and Love MTA:SA  :-*  IM HERE AGAIN CREATE A JOIN REQUEST BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST CLAN .

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