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[GAME] Guess the lie!

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Let's get to know each other and play the game. It's a very interesting game and also a great way to get to know different things about each other.


How to play?

[*]Poster 1 posts three statements; two truths and one lie (do not indicate which is which).

[*]Poster 2 guesses which of the 3 statements is incorrect, thus the lie. Poster 3 will do the same if the lie isn't guessed yet, and so on.

[*]Once the lie has been guessed correctly (verified by poster that posted statements), the person who guesses correctly will post their set of statements.


Poster 1 posts:

  • I'm noob.
  • I hate dogs.
  • I love cycling

Poster 2 posts:

Statement 3 is a lie.


Poster 3 posts:

Statement 1 is a lie.


Poster 1 posts:

Correct, statement 1 is a lie.


Poster 3 will then post his/her statements for others to guess which of the statements is the lie.



I'll be starting, so these will be my statements.

[*]I can drive like a professional Formula 1 racer.

[*]I do wear glasses, because I can't really see things which are far away from me.

[*]I should be studying while writing this.




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Statement 3 is the lie. Studying's for chumps.

Nope, the first statement was a lie!



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Since nobody replied ever since, I decide to continue.




[*]I play MTA without a mouse.

[*]I have lived in Turkey for 2 years.

[*]I don't like kebab.

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1. I can speak well in 7 languages.

2. I get pissed when I'm not MVP in Clanwars.

3. I like watching cat videos when I'm bored.

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1. I pref sushi to pizza

2. I pref carbonara to sushi

3. I pref pizza to every food

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Third, because I am pretty sure you want us to believe it is number one, but I know you're weird enough to go for it.

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1, sushi sucks.


Pretty weird to hear that from someone who studies Japanese.

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gj ciffon well done

pizza is not my favorite food, im not a pizza crazy boy also i pref sushi/carbonara to pizza :)

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Since nobody has replied and decided to continue with one of the best games ever posted on our forum, I step up and decide to continue this masterpiece.

[*]I used to work as a cook in a Thai-Japanese restaurant.

[*]Redbull is the drink I like the most.

[*]I haven't got any traffic tickets since I have my driving license.

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