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[Knockouts Semifinals] ScYz8r vs Danx DNS

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Players: ScYz8r vs Danx
Referee: Wolfer
Server: N/A
Type of match: WFF (Knockouts Stage / Semifinals)
Time: N/A


1. Vortex v8 - Ultimative
2. Ryan ft. Swin - Gagayan
3. Skype - The Riddle
4. Impzy - Skilled BMX
5. SebaS ft MegaN - Track Of Dead
6. Impzy - Flee from the forgotten town
7. Vortex v8 - Ultimative
8. Ryan ft. Swin - Gagayan
9. Skype - The Riddle
10. Impzy - Skilled BMX
11. SebaS ft MegaN - Track Of Dead
12. Impzy - Flee from the forgotten town

Final Score: Danx wins by forfeit (Reason: ScYz8r forfeited the match in advance)

Note: ScYz8r's forfeit is also a forfeit in bronzefinals, so he claims 4th place.

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