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shr 's Join Request


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My nick is shr , My name is kamil, I am 20years old and I  from poland . and I am  bmx freestyler

Your MTA Highlights
I started playing mta in 2013 on an rpg server and sat there for a long time in 2014 I started playing dm os and hunters , went to the truck server with my friends and also spent a year and joined on FFS Gaming in 2015 and played until 2018 sometime at the end of 2018 I had health problems that I had I would not like to talk about it, after 2 years off I went back to FFS gaming and still play I've been playing for about 8 years on FFS Gaming, Now I play on brotherhood and I'm a moderator , and now I'm back to ffs permanently and in 2022 I started playing dm modern because I got bored with os .

Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones?

rotor 4 (leave)

Ready to die (leave)

Bonk Squad (current)


The Panic Crew (leave)

Do you have any special skills excluding MTA skills? If so, please specify.

I don't have any special skills but I've been playing ffs for almost 8 years and I know every map on os and now I'm just learning modern maps because I have skills

In which DM:Race servers do you usually play?


What motivated you to apply for DoA?

I was motivated by the fact that I would like to develop myself in the clan because I am not very good without you and with you it will be much betters

Additional information
Thanks for your time and I think there will be a positive response



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Hello. Thanks for making an application.

While your poll did have some support, you have shown members (and me specifically as well) a couple instances where you were unsure about wanting to be a member. If you show us that you're that unsure about your application, it tells leadership that we probably shouldn't accept you. It gives us the wrong impression about you.

I'd suggest taking a couple weeks at least to think about that. And if you'd be 100% sure that you would want to be a member, feel free to try again. Maybe try meeting some members too. We have events on our server every now and again, so it shouldn't be too difficult to run into us at some point. Maybe that'd help ease your mind on whether you want to be with us or not too.

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