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[Round 1] Lambox vs Lost 4-6

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Players: Lambox vs Lost 
Referee: Wolf
Server: Death on Approach 
Type of match: DM
Time: 29.10.2021 18:30 CET


1. beatZ Vol.5 - Dreamlike S (Lost) 0-1
2. Gteatero - Noxious Force (Lambox) 1-1
3. SajgoN ft. Lost ft. Snafi - Metaverse (Lost) 1-2
4. Siisti Vol.2 - (Lambox) 2-2 
5. Cookie ft. Corrupt - Naturally Skilled III (Lost) 2-3
6. Kalkbrenner - Natural Blues (Lost) 2-4
-  [Hunter] RoNNiE - No To Astronomy 
7. Nemo ft. Malez ft. SemiSun - Desecration (Lost) 2-5 
8. BliZarD Vol.3 - The Temple of Mirage (Lambox) 3-5
9. Str!k3r - Sudden Inspirations II (Lost) 3-6
10. GteaterOS - Radziuz Dream (Lambox) 4-6

Final Score: 4-6 for Lost

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Apologies for having no video recording of this match. I forgot to start recording before the match started (I guess I was just too frazzled bc it was the first match). Either way, every other match in this tournament has been recorded. They will be edited and uploaded to YouTube whenever I have time.

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