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Tournament Information

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Tournament Description:

- This tournament is a 1v1 DM Style Tournament. There will be hunter fights.

- This tournament will be set up in the style of double elimination. So even if you lose once, you still have a chance.

- This tournament will be centered around most types of DM. The maps you play will depend on the players you play against.

- Registration will close October 15th (as long as we have at least 8 players), and we'll start the tournament soon after.

- Prizes for the tournament will decided later on. Usually, it's some sort of real money prizes though.

Map Choice Rules:

- You need to pick 5 maps to play throughout all your matches. The other 5 maps will be your opponents' choices.

- Your map picks should be DM, OS, or Classic. If you want to choose a HDM map, you're only allowed to choose one.

- If you pick maps, they need to be in one of our DM arenas (or Training if you're looking for a HDM map).

- You can also see which DM maps we have by going to the CW arena and using the user panel (Press F7, then go to the Maps Tab)

- If we don't have the map, please try to help us get it. If we can't get it, you'll have to choose another map.

Match Rules:

- All matches will be played on the DoA server in the cw arena unless Wolfer says otherwise.

- Matches are 10 rounds. In case of ties, matches can go for 12, 14, or 15 rounds.

- The last survivor will win the round if there's a hunter fights.

- If no one reaches hunter, the player farthest into the map wins the round.

- In the result of a tie after 10 rounds, you and your opponent choose a map each (from any of the 10 maps played).

- If there is still a tie after that, the above is tried one more time.

- If there is still a tie after 4 extra rounds, a sudden death map has been prepared (it changes every tourney round).

- Timing out before the map starts will result in a free round. This may also extend a little into the map as well.

- If a player times out after 15 seconds has passed into the map, the opposing player receives the point.

- No shortcuts & no superjumps. Small cuts may be permitted. Always best to ask the referee first.

- No Mods or Cheating. Breaking this rule results in DQ, being blacklisted from events, and being banned from the server.

- All hunter fights will take place on a hunter map in hopes to avoid map limits and server time limits.

- Players are free to shoot/kill their opponents if they haven't made it to hunter.

- If players get killed on hunter (msg shows up), we still proceed to the hunter map.

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