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Ban/Mute Appeal Format (READ FIRST)

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Please answer every question below if you're making an appeal. All these pieces of information help us investigate incidents properly. Failing to fill in any pieces is likely to result in us throwing out the appeal. You can copy and paste those questions into your topic (to make things less confusing for readers).

If you were not present and are not involved in these situations, please do not reply to a post. The moderator that banned you (or a head admin) will post a reply once a decision has been made.




What's your in-game name?
(The name(s) you use on our server)

What's your MTA serial?
(Open console in mta with ` or f8 and type serial)

Who banned/muted you? When did it occur?

Why were you banned/muted?

How long is it set to last?

Why do you think you should be unbanned/unmuted?
(If it's possibly a misunderstanding or an unjustified ban, please try to provide proof of that)



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