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[Catch] Death on Approach vs Lumiverse 2-3 (LOST)

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Type: Catch
Date: 16.05.2021.
Time: 20:00 CEST
Server: Lumiverse: LTS - Catch Server
Maps: 7
Rounds: BO5 sets (7 rounds/set)
Referee(-s): BurN
Streamer: Krew (POV)

Lumiverse lv*


  • BliZarD
  • Qualiti
  • DarkyZ
  • airplaNe
  • Nao

Reserves: everyone from the clan


Death on Approach .:DoA:.


  • RadheN
  • Krew
  • Wolfer
  • Bazooka
  • Backflip

Reserves: everyone from the clan



1. iGlide - Play Rough
2. airplaNe ft. Pablow - Final Round
3. Gteatero - Deadly Surface
4. Goku ft. sYKu - Shapeshifter
5. Goku - A H O Y !
6. Gteatero ft. Piry - NOT BACKWARDS 2077
7. Kanzy ft. Mentos - Cold Rush



1. Mature behavior is expected by all participants.
1.1. If a player is provoking or spamming on purpose, thus disturbing the gameplay, the player may be muted and may be warned.
2. Stable network connection is mandatory.
2.1. If a player is lagging or teleporting, thus disturbing the gameplay, the round has to be restarted and the player has to be warned.
2.2. If a player times out before the first bomb is given, the round has to be restarted. If a player times out after, unless the teams come to an agreement, the round is continued.
3. If a player gets a second warning, the player has to be replaced without the opportunity to return to playing.
4. Cheating is forbidden and results in disqualification for the entire team.
5. Every clan member is allowed to participate in the clan war.

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We as a squad have had quite a fun time playing our first Catch clanwar. Unfortunately, after what I can describe was a promising comeback, we lost the clanwar 2 - 3. It was in itself a great experience and in some way an answer as for which things, or trends for that matter, can we expect in the near future. Nevertheless, we are expecting more (fun, I hope) clanwars soon. The clan would like to thank Lumiverse for hosting the clanwar and playing with us. Best of luck in your future cws and events!




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