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[11/08/2020] News ahead of the holidays

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Today we bring you the most recent news, regarding the shifts and changes within our clan. The vacation period is over, so gradually we expect less things to happen with and around the clan in the future. Expect an announcement every 4 or 5 months.

New members, promotions & departures

As always, we have recruited new members to the clan. I want to congratulate them, wish them good luck and hope they will do well in the clan. The new members are:

We have got a few members that have got promoted as well. The new promotees are:
.:DoA:.Backflip (Community Recruiter)
.:DoA:.Monster (DM Recruiter)

As always, you can check out full clan logs here.

Moving on to the sad part, we have lost quite a few members. It's never easy to say good bye, but sometimes it's better to just let it go. In today's news we would like to bid farewell to:
Atomatic, Canky, Chikito, Donat1k, Kamen, NoHear, YaCo, ZUNII

We hope that you guys will be able to reach your goals, both in game and in your real lives. Best of luck!


New server

I just wanted to briefly mention that our Events/CW server is back (thanks to @Krew who is hosting) and all clan wars that DoA arranges in the near future will be played at that server. Hopefully the server will be a healthy foundation for the clan to train and arrange future clan wars. 


Clan wars

We haven't played an awful lot of clan wars in the past 3 months. The reason is mostly because our respective OS and DM squad members were inactive at the time, but we'll make sure to arrange some in the near future. But we have been active on the Shooter scene with a few funwars and one very dramatic clan war.

Raven's Gaming

On this note, I'm sadly announcing that the DoA Shooter squad is now officially closed. The reason behind its closure is the sheer drama and arguing that happened in the Shooter clan wars and funwars that have been played out recently. That also means that the Shooter squad join requests are closed for good and future Shooter players trying to apply will be considered as Community applicants (regular members).

But on the flip side, we are currently waiting for a WFF OS clan war against Euphoria which will happen on November 15th and will be played at the DoA CW server. The clan war will be watchable through a stream (of which we will let you guys know on Discord)!

If you want to challenge us for a WFF clan war (OS or DM), write a CW request here or send a challenge to our CW Manager Lukas through PM or Discord (L'ukas#1337).


That's all for now. We thank each and every one of you for reading this news and see you until next time!
I also want to thank @Lukas for helping me make this news and thread.

Death on Approach.

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