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Lewn's Join Request


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My name is Mehemmed and im 17 years old. I am from Azerbaijan , Baku


Your MTA History

My MTA carrier started since 2013 in Azerbaijanian freeroam server and and since 2014 i started to learn dm , i found ffs in 2015 , and i started dm os cus of improve my skills , the end of 2016 i left from mta for some months and i do comeback to mta,ffs mostly i'm playing in dm os and sometimes playing DM Alpha.


Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which clans?

Official Clan:

Infernal Edge (Trial/Left) (This clan isnot os and some reasons)

Unofficial Clans (FFS Clans):

zNation! (Member/Left) (Clan isnot Os,joined for my friends.)

Massive Strong (Member/Left) (Inactive)

Back To The Future (Trial/Kicked) (Private Reasons)

Chamber of Emptiness (Member/Already) (Iam still here.)


How are you any different from other applicants? How can you help DoA grow?

I have some friends in this clan and i want to improve my skills as we can see there is too much skilled players there,its the best clan of ffs and there is too much friendly members


What makes you think DoA is any different than other clans?

I think is DoA amazing family,I love very much.Some of my friends in DoA.

Discord ID







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Sadly, the voting for your membership didn't turn out so well as you had a majority of No votes which means your join request is Denied.


Also a heads-up, I compared your 1st join request in our old ffs-subforum and this one. You basically didn't change anything besides the sub-clans you've been in. Try to be creative next time.


You are free to do another join request in a month.

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