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Wanna Challenge Me? Post here!

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The challenge format is at the bottom of the post, but I suggest trying to read the rest of this information first.

(or at least read the bold text)


Challenge Requests


- Follow the format. If you don't answer all the questions, I can't accept the challenge obviously.

- To get your serial number, you go to the console (press f8 or sometimes ~) and type serial. Copy and paste it in your challenge post.

- For now, these will be challenges for WFF and Shooter.

- If your challenge is accepted, I’ll contact you when it is your turn. I'll also modify your post.

- I accept challenges in the order in which I get them.

- Since prizes may be involved, you can only have one match with me every 2 months. This may change depending on the number of challengers I get.


Map choice Info

- WFF: You have the option to choose 1 map out of the 10 maps played. You’ll know 8 of the other maps because they’ll be listed in the map list topic.

Shooter: You have the option to choose 1 map out of the 2 maps played.

-  You have the option of whether we play your choice first or last during the match. My choice will plug the other spot.

- WFF: Map choice can be any type of DM map (HDM, DM, OS, CDM, etc) as long as it has a hunter.

- Your choice needs to be in an acceptable state (I’m mostly referring to the track). I’ll let you know if it isn’t.

- If you do not provide a way to get your map choice (download, dl link, etc.) by at least a day before the match, the match will be cancelled.


Time/Map Availability

- If you challenge me here, please know that I’ll only accept matches on Sunday w/ a starting time between 19:00 and 21:00. (CET)

- You can send the challenge request by replying to this topic. You can also DM me on Discord.

- If you choose a map, you need to have it or know a way to get it. I won’t do map hunting. I just don't have time to do that.

You can ask me if I have certain maps before you challenge me though.

- The last bullet in Map Choice Info mentions what will happen if you fail to provide a map.



- Prizes will be awarded at random times if you manage to complete certain tasks during the match.

- These tasks will remain a secret, but I’ll let you know when you get them.

- Once a task becomes public, other players can still get it (unless I eventually say otherwise), but the prize may not be worth as much.

- I will only award one task per match

- I probably won’t start awarding these prizes until summer (maybe after June), but I will keep tabs on people that complete the tasks.


Here's the format I'd prefer you guys go by. It makes it easier to see that everything needed is here.



Gamemode (WFF or Shooter)


Discord/Skype/Forum PM/etc.

Time slot choice

Do you have your map choice? Do you have a way to get it?

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Nickname : DoADemo


Gamemode : WFF


Serial : N/A (Match already happened. Don't need it here.)


Discord : N/A


Time slot choice : 20:00


Do you have your map choice? Do you have a way to get it?

yep, ludi is my way


EDIT: Match was accepted, and it has been completed.

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Nickname balkamen

Serial * Your serial is: FCC61E583D81039013E33E2FC709CE54

Discord: kamen_306#2016

Time slot choice 19:00

Do you have your map choice? Do you have a way to get it?
[DM] Kamen ft PowerPC - The dark side of the love // is my DM pick, I have it.
No idea about a shooter map. I guess you can pick any cause it doesn't matter too much to me.

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Nickname: DoAKeselowski

Gamemode: WFF

Serial: B7DEE7B2BA97A577C38E646417480A12

Time Slot Choice: Sunday 10 May [14:00 GMT-5]

Do you have your map choice? Do you have a way to get it?
- [DM] AbodyRulez ft. WW - Dark Glare II
I pass it to you for discord

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Nickname : Lukas

Gamemode : WFF

Serial : Will post later

Discord : L'ukas#1827

Time slot choice : 19:00 (Honestly any time is fine for me)

Do you have your map choice? Do you have a way to get it?
[DM] LS Playground (I suppose you have it).

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Going to put these on hold for now (although they've kinda been on hold already as I've been a little busy and haven't honored most of the requests so far). Once some of these matches are played, challenges will be reopened.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to find a more ideal environment for these matches. While I doubt the people helping me (specifically @LudiSincba) had any problems with it, I would prefer to have these matches on a server where I have complete control to upload/remove things. That way, I don't have to bother people for my personal type of events like this.

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