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  1. I'm having weird thoughts.... How is this possible?

  2. Kinda want to smash @Canky in his face, but he is a good friend of mine. What should I do?

    1. Zunii


      If you do it with love it's okay

    2. LamboX


      slap slap clap clap

  3. Here we go again! 1. I have gone bald twice, because I didn't like the hairstyles I've been having back then. 2. I don't like eating fish. 3. I like flirting.
  4. 3 and 2 are incorrect, thus 1 is correct.
  5. Feeling sick! What to do now?!

    1. ygtz


      take some mam and your sickness is gone bro

    2. Canky
  6. versus (Death on Approach) (Drunk Drivers Club) Map 1st 2nd 3rd 4thEdge Of The World .:DoA:.L'ukas (3) ret0rdoa (2) [DDC]Taurus (1) [DDC]^Aliomar (1)High Stakes .:DoA:.161 (3) doaygtz (2) DoAIceBerg# (1) ret0rdoa (3)Mindfuck DoAIceBerg# (4) .:DoA:.L'ukas (5) doakniev (1) .:DoA:.161 (4)Polish Dream ret0rdoa (6) .:DoA:.L'ukas (7) .:DoA:.161 (5) doaygtz (3)Old but Gold DoAIceBerg# (7) [DDC]^Aliomar (3) [DDC]Taurus (2) DoARadheN# (1)Opus II [DDC]^Aliomar (6) .:DoA:.161 (7) .:DoA:.L'ukas (8) DoAIceBerg# (8)Piss On The Pyramid .:DoA:.L'ukas (11) DoA|Shukashuu (2) doakniev (2) ret0rdoa (7)Electroshock ret0rdoa (10) doaygtz (5) [DDC]^Aliomar (7) .:DoA:.L'ukas (12)GTX II .:DoA:.L'ukas (15) .:DoA:.161 (9) DoAIceBerg# (9) [DDC]^Aliomar (8)XIII vs. FOTL DoAIceBerg# (12) .:DoA:.161 (11) [DDC]Zurek (1) [DDC]NoHear (1)SimpliCity DoARadheN# (4) DoAIceBerg# (14) doaygtz (8) [DDC]^Aliomar (9)Endless Possibilities DoARadheN# (7) [DDC]^Aliomar (11) .:DoA:.L'ukas (16) doaz (1)The Essence Of Speed DoARadheN# (10) [DDC]Er1k (2) [DDC]Taurus (3) [DDC]Ludi (1)Sparks [DDC]^Aliomar (14) doaygtz (2) DoARadheN# (11) .:DoA:.161 (12)Sincere DoARadheN# (14) .:DoA:.161 (14) DoA'Kanarya! (1) [DDC]^Aliomar (15)Magnetic Love III DoARadheN# (17) [DDC]Zurek (3) doaygtz (9) [DDC]^Aliomar (16)Cosmic Assault DoARadheN# (20) ret0rdoa (12) .:DoA:.L'ukas (17) .:DoA:.161 (15)Singularity DoARadheN# (23) doaygtz (11) [DDC]Er1k (3) [DDC]Ludi (2)Running Is My Life IV DoAIceBerg# (17) .:DoA:.L'ukas (19) [DDC]^Aliomar (17) DoARadheN# (24)Royal White DoARadheN#(27) .:DoA:.161 (17) DoAIceBerg# (18) doaygtz (12) DoARadheN# 27.:DoA:.L'ukas 19DoAIceBerg# 18[DDC]Aliomar 17.DoA:.161 17doaygtz 12ret0rdoa 12[DDC]Taurus 3[DDC]Er1k 3[DDC]Zurek 3DoA|Shukashuu 2doakniev 2[DDC]Ludi 2doaz 1DoA'Kanarya 1[DDC]NoHear 1
  7. Indeed, that was a lie. I do have a driving license, though. I was a cook in a Thai/Japanese restaurant, but I didn't really enjoy cooking whole night. Therefore I decided to do some delivery. Redbull is indeed the drink I like the most and the one I regret drinking the most.
  8. Since nobody has replied and decided to continue with one of the best games ever posted on our forum, I step up and decide to continue this masterpiece. [*]I used to work as a cook in a Thai-Japanese restaurant. [*]Redbull is the drink I like the most. [*]I haven't got any traffic tickets since I have my driving license.
  9. Since nobody replied ever since, I decide to continue. GUESS THE LIE! [*]I play MTA without a mouse. [*]I have lived in Turkey for 2 years. [*]I don't like kebab.
  10. Nope, the first statement was a lie! NEXT!
  11. Incorrect, since it's actually true.
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