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  1. I did , I would appreciate it if you review it again. Thank you..
  2. Thank you for considering my first request to join. I will review and submit again. Should I make a new join request?
  3. Introduction -I'm Emirhan, my in game nickname is Raider and 18. I living in Muğla/Turkey. I finished high school this year and I'm going to university. I took the exam as soon as I finished high school. I passed my exam well and I qualified to be a math teacher, my dream job.:) (the education system here is different). As for my hobbies; I like playing computer games and I like playing football. When I was very young, I used to play street football with my friends. That's why my love for football goes back a long way. I was on the school football team in high school and raised 2 cups in the inter-school tournament. Now I'm going to college, I don't know how many cup I will hold there :D. I also have a girlfriend that I love more than anything else... Thank you for listening Emirhan Your MTA history -I was playing samp at first. Then i did see a video on youtube about MTA and that video took attention of me then i have started to play MTA. The first server i started to play was FFS. Sometimes i was playing Twisted Gaming (TG) but i realized that server is not fun as much as FFS. Then i went to FFS again. I took a long break in the aftermath. When I came back I started playing ffs but realized I couldn't have fun and started playing with my friends on the NFS:SA server. After playing for a long time, i went to back to the FFS Gaming server about 2 months ago. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? ıf so, which ones? A few small clans whose names I can't remember Elusive-speed (-ES-) - Member - [kicked,I was kicked out for taking a break] Absolute-speed ([As]) - Member - [left,clan went inactive] ONE Esports ( 1E | ) - Member - [ left. ] Demons in Heaven! ( DiN| ) - Member - [ i'm here now.] In which DM:Race servers do you play usually play? I was spending most of my time on the FFS Gaming and NFS:SA server. However, it cannot be said that I entered the NFS: SA server recently. So I can say that the only server I play on is FFS Gaming. Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? -Unfortunately no for design programming. But i usually play DM OS and think I am improving myself. At the same time, my active time is quite long compared to others. What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? -I want to join a real clan and improve myself with them. and of course a few of my friends were in doa one feature of nature that really distinguishes it from most other clans is that it is not ego and that is the most important thing for me. That's why DoA, not other clans. Any additional information you want to add -I don't know what else i can write here. I just hope you'll take my join request into consideration. Discord ID, Ra!der^#7855
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