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    yeah sure i can tell you why First i left 3R Because most of the members were inactive and the clan was about to die, so I decided to left and search for another clan second i left pX Because they were about to close the clan, so we all went out together
  2. Introduction My name is Abdelhafid, i'm 17 years old and i'm from ALGERIA Your MTA history I started playing MTA in 2012. at first, I used to play in normal arab servers , i decided looking for new gamemode servers until I found Twisted Gamers. and 3R I used to play Shooter there, nothing else but Shooter which improved my skills and I became better by every day. Then my friends told me to move to ffs as it was better.I started playing there on 2016, but i left the server for some reasons then i came back to ffs next year Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones? 3lite Racers | 3R | leftCode Sierra | cS | leftThe Paradoix | pX | leftZero Gravity | zG | LeftUnlimited players | uP | ClosedzNation | zN | kicked ( Clan was closed ) Xenocide | xen | Left Zero Fear | ZF! | Currently In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? FFS GAMING Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? I cannot say that I have a skill other than the other players. Maybe I have it because anyone in this world has something to distinguish them from others. Well I am a loyal person and a lovely friend. Also, I have a lot of experience in the field of shooter because I have been in many clans before and so I gained a lot of experience in this field, and by this I can provide assistance to the clan in the clan wars and help the clan grow to become better and better. What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? Currently, I have been without a clan for a long time and recently I decided to join a clan. DoA found an old clan with polite and loyal members and as they are my friends also I want to join with them to make new friendships with the clan members that I do not know and spend quality time with us and also help them in the clan wars Discord ID H4TTY#6699 Best regards, H4TTY
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