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  1. #SpartaN's Join Request Introduction My nick is #SpartaN but usually I use other nicks like NeroClaudius, Shukashuu, etc , I’m 21 years old and I live in Bogotá, Colombia. Your MTA history My MTA career began in 2014, i started to play in chaos.de.to servers (now called Gamenet.ga) in those servers, i played DM, DD, Shooter, zombies; then I played in different servers when a friend told me about ffs gaming, i play in there since 2016 and I been in ColombiaTeamGaming team the most of time since then. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones? I Don't Know -Idk- (Closed) ColombiaTeamGaming |CtG| (Current) Twenty Four '24 (L7 team) Official Clans: Insane Style Racers iSR| (Left) (I left because didn’t feel like i can improve my skills in os because it was a DM clan) Xtreme Racers Zcool ~xRz~ (Left) (I left because i didn't feel comfortable in that clan, i didn't accustom to that clan) Death on Approach DoA (Left) (I left because I got bored of MTA and I just wanted to play for fun, the clan was started to focus more in DM and not in OS, my thoughts were that I left iSR for the same reason, so I didn’t find a reason to stay in DoA) In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? I usually play in FFS Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? I don’t have any unique skill, my skills in os are decent and I play cw in ffs sometimes, I think my only achievement was playing in DoA when DoA won L7OS tournament and reaching the final in COC tournament What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? I think this is because I have a big affection for this clan, even when I left I was sure that I weren’t going to join in another clan because I have a big respect to DoA, the only thing I want right now is spend the free time with friends and play for fun, but I can play a cw or events if it’s needed and I think this is the clan where I can do those things, and I just want to wear this tag again and being active in the game. Discord ID: SpartaN#9401
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