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  1. Introduction My name is Stanislaw. I'm 19 years old and live in Ukraine. My in-game name is kr1zeN. Your MTA history I started playing this game late 2015, on a server FFS. I played many modes on FFS and my most liked gamemode its DM OS. I also played on other servers such as TG. But I didn't like it and I stayed to play on FFS. This is my little story. Have you been in other official/unofficial clans? If so, which ones? Official Clans: Iron-Will - Member - Left Unofficial Clans: Insane-Skill-Players - Leader - Closed In which DM:Race servers do you usually play? FFS Gaming Lumiverse Do you have any unique skills, that would distinguish you from other applicants? I have no achievements or unique skills. But every day I practice dm and learn the maps, I have played CW of dm with only a few days notice to learn the maps. To be better and reach new heights. What led you towards applying for DoA membership rather than other clans? Most about the clan itself is that the members are mature and clan is very organized. Great community and skilled players. Any additional information you want to add I don't have much experience, I am friendly. I am no different from others, but I will try to contribute some part to the clan. Discord ID kr1zeN#2393 I wrote shortly. If you have any questions, ask me them.
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